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Tenzin Dolkar (M.S.W. ‘14)

Tenzin Dolkar (M.S.W. ‘14) was appointed in October of 2017, by Governor Mark Dayton to serve as the State of Minnesota’s Rail Director. In her previous position, Dolkar served as the governor’s chief policy adviser on transportation and agriculture.

Ormasa Receives Alumni Service Award

On Oct. 19, Jan Ormasa was recognized with a University of Minnesota Alumni Service Award. Jan has a master’s degree in educational psychology and a Specialist Certificate in educational administration, and worked as a special education teacher and administrator for the Hopkins Public Schools for over 40 years.

Jan’s passion for education and advocacy is apparent in her daily life as well as in her past leadership of the College of Education and Human Development Alumni Society Board and the CEHD Women’s Philanthropic Leadership Circle. For both organizations, she implemented strategic planning and inspired members to do more to meet annual goals. In addition, she is a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and PACER Center boards.

The UM Alumni Service Award recognizes a volunteer who has had a major impact on the University, its schools, colleges, departments, or faculty.

Congratulations, Jan!

Dean Quam celebrates with Jan Ormasa

Jon Steadland (Ph.D. ‘15)

Jon Steadland (Ph.D. ‘15) has been named Chief of Staff in the Office of the President at the University of Minnesota. For the past six months, Steadland has served as the interim chief of staff. Prior to that, he was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Initiatives in the president’s office. Steadland received his undergraduate degree from Luther College, earned his Master of Public Policy from the Humphrey School, and his Ph.D. in Sports Management from the U of M’s College of Education and Human Development.

Rosalind Horowitz (Ph.D. ‘82)

Rosalind Horowitz (Ph.D. ‘82) Professor of Departments of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching; and Educational Psychology at The University of Texas at San Antonio and  S. Jay Samuels, Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology at The University of Minnesota—Twin Cities edited the book, The Achievement Gap in Reading:  Complex causes, persistent issues, possible solutions (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2017). This volume presents the research of 24, distinguished scholars in varied fields, who conduct educational and literacy research.

Beth Bowman (M. Ed. ‘06)

Beth Bowman (M. Ed. ‘06) has been selected to serve as a mentor in the 2017 The Leaders of Today and Tomorrow (LOTT) Fellows Program. You can visit this website to learn more:

Lynne Macziewski (M.A. ‘17)

Lynne Macziewski (M.A. ‘17) will be the new Head of Middle School at the Girls Preparatory School in Chattanooga in August 2017. Macziewski is an experienced school leader and an award-winning teacher at Blake School in Hopkins. She is known for her relationship-building skills and ability to mentor and coach faculty.

Kelly Kleine (B.S. ‘13)

Kelly Kleine (B.S. ‘13) was promoted in June 2017 to college scouting coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings. Kleine is one of the 14 women who are currently working in football operations for teams across the league.

Carol Cheatham (M.A. ‘01, Ph.D. ‘04)

Carol Cheatham (M.A. ‘01, Ph.D. ‘04) was selected to join the Education Board at the American Health Council in June 2017. With over 17 years of experience in Psychology and Neuroscience, Cheatham will offer valuable insight and expertise on the effects of nutrition on brain development and function.

Corey Millen (B.S. ‘17)

Corey Millen (B.S. ‘17) accepted a new position in August 2017 as the Director of Hockey Operations at the US Air Force Academy. Millen is a Cloquet native and former NHL player. Millen was previously the volunteer assistant for the University of Minnesota Gophers, working for Coach Don Lucia.

Tina Jackson (B.S. ‘03, M.Ed. ‘04)

Tina Jackson (B.S. ‘03, M.Ed. ‘04) hosted her 12th annual “Surviving the Game” conference in St. Paul in July 2017. The conference is held to help end the cycle of poverty for kids in the Minneapolis community, where Jackson grew up. More than 200 students attended the conference, where they learn financial literacy, go to a Lynx game, and meet the players. Over the years, the conference, “Surviving the Game” has been able to give out seven scholarships to students.

Beth Magistad (M.A. ‘94, Ph.D. ‘00)

Beth Magistad (M.A. ‘94, Ph.D. ‘00) was recently welcomed as a new board member in July 2017 for the Park Bugle, a community nonprofit newspaper published by Park Press Inc. serving St. Paul neighborhoods of Como Park and St. Anthony Park.

Carla Nelson (M.Ed. ‘97)

Carla Nelson (M.Ed. ‘97) was recognized in July 2017 as the “Outstanding Legislator of The Year” by the Minnesota School Boards Association. Senator Nelson modernized and restructured the State’s failing teacher licensure system, to efficiently bring more qualified teachers into the classroom. Nelson has been instrumental in tackling complex educational and political challenges in Minnesota; fighting for high-quality education and closing the achievement gap.

John Kavanagh (B.S. ‘89)

John Kavanagh (B.S. ‘89) was promoted to managing director for public and regulatory affairs for Minnesota Public Radio in July 2017. Kavanagh will serve as the liaison for MPR’s networked stations on a state and local level as well as nationally in Washington D.C.

Patricia Kubow (M.A. ‘94, Ph.D. ‘96)

Patricia Kubow (M.A. ‘94, Ph.D. ‘96) along with her graduate student, Mina Min, received the 2017 Joyce Cain Award for Distinguished Research on People of African Descent from the Comparative and International Education Society. The award recognized their scholarly article “The Cultural Contours of Democracy: Indigenous Epistemologies informing South African Citizenship”, that was published in the journal Democracy & Education. 

James Lichtenberg (Ph.D. ‘74)

James Lichtenberg (Ph.D. ‘74) was recognized, this past August, by the American Psychological Association as the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Contributions of Applications of Psychology to Education Award.

Timothy O’Connell (M.Ed. ‘91)

Timothy O’Connell (M.Ed. ‘91) won a 2017 3M National Teaching Fellowship. This is considered Canada’s most prestigious prize for teaching excellence at the university level and only ten are given out nation-wide each year. O’Connell is a Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.