CEHD News Physical Activity Program (PAP)

CEHD News Physical Activity Program (PAP)

Seven School of Kinesiology classes make “15 best UMN classes” list from the Odyssey

In the article, “The 15 Best UMN Classes You Didn’t Know Existed,” published in The Odyssey Online,  seven classes offered by the School of Kinesiology are highlighted. The courses mentioned are a part of Recreation Administration and the Physical Activity Program.

Three Recreation Administration course take first place: REC 2151 Outdoor and Camp Leadership (recognized for its unique class structure and trip to the Apostle Islands in Northern Wisconsin), REC 3322 Outdoor Recreation Winter Skills, REC 3321 Outdoor Recreation 3-Season Skills, and REC 4311 Programming for Outdoor and Environmental Education. PE 1205 Scuba and Skin Diving takes second, and PE 1033 Foil Fencing took third. REC 4301 Wilderness and Adventure Education in Belize ranks in as ninth on the list.

Hoffman receives professional development grant from U of M Foundation

Brandi Hoffman

Congratulations to Brandi Hoffman, director of the School of Kinesiology’s Physical Activity Program (PAP), who has been awarded a $1,000 professional development grant from the University of Minnesota Foundation.  The award, donated by Carrie Sampson-Moore, will be used to support Hoffman’s Physical Activity Program.

Sampson-Moore is the director for Physical Education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is an alumna of the School’s master’s program. She was part of a 2015 delegation to China led by School director Li Li Ji to discuss college/university instructional physical activity programs in the U.S. and China.

Magnuson and Hoffman tour Panama for new REC adventure course

Panama sceneConnie Magnuson, Ph.D., director of the School of Kinesiology’s Recreation Administration program, and Brandi Hoffman, director of Kinesiology’s Physical Activity Program, spent spring break trying to catch the perfect wave while surfing the stunning, blue-green Caribbean Ocean in Panama.

Panama ConnieThis was one of many activities they scouted for a new learning abroad course in Bocasdel Toro, a unique and richly diverse archipelago on the northern coast. They also visited the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, School of Field Studies, and the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and held discussions with local community organizations and advocates Give and Surf and La Loma Jungle Lodge and Chocolate Farm. The course, REC 4191 Adventure Recreation, Tourism and Eco-tourism: Surf Panama!, examines the rapidly growing tourism industry in Panama and the impact that providing adventure recreation and other tourist attractions can have on the economy, the environment, and the indigenous communities. This program is part of a larger initiative the University of Minnesota is undertaking with interests in Panama for education and research through the U of M’s Global Programs and Strategy Alliance.

Surf Panama! will be offered during spring break 2017 and includes a variety of adventures along with surfing, including ziplining, jungle hikes, anfibia boarding, paddling in Cayuga (dugout) canoes, cave exploring and snorkeling. Registration opens this summer.


Hoffman awarded 2016 GPS Alliance travel grant

Brandi HoffmanMs. Brandi Hoffman, director Physical Activity Program (PAP) in the School of Kinesiology, has been named a recipient of the University’s new Global Programs and Strategy (GPS) Alliance International Travel Grants for 2016. Hoffman’s plans include traveling to the Netherlands in the summer of 2016 to develop new programming related to Physical Activity.

School of Kinesiology faculty, staff present at the 2015 MN eLearning Summit

Calhoun (back row), Lupinek, Magnuson, Hoffman (left to right)

Four School of Kinesiology faculty and staff gave a panel presentation at the 2015 MN eLearning Summit held July 29-30 at Minneapolis Community & Technical College.

Austin Calhoun, Ph.D. (Director, eLearning & Digital Strategy), Brandi Hoffman (Director, Physical Activity Program), Joshua Lupinek, Ph.D. (recent graduate), and Connie Magnuson, Ph.D. (Director, Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies program) lead a panel discussion on Kickstart Open Lab, the School’s incentivized, project-based approach to eLearning exploration, adoption, and implementation.

The presentation, “Kickstart Open Lab: An Experiment in Incentivizing, Enhancing Teaching and Learning, and Diffusing Technology,” explored the versatile and unique program developed and implemented at the School of Kinesiology.

Slides from the presentation are available here.

The MN eLearning Summit is the premiere event of the Minnesota Learning Commons and is a gathering place for K-12, college, and university educators and innovators in the Midwest who are committed to effective online and blended learning.


Ji, Hoffman travel to Chinese universities to help promote physical activity programs

A delegation of physical activity directors led by Dr. Li Li Ji, director of the School of Group panelKinesiology,  visited four universities in China this month to share strategies for promoting physical fitness among university students.  The American Culture Center (ACC) in Sports delegation included Ms. Brandi Hoffman from Kinesiology, director of the Physical Activity Program at the U of M; Ms. Carrie Sampson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Dr. Bridget Melton of Georgia Brandi presentingSouthern University. The delegation visited campus sport facilities and physical education classes at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Zhejiang University, Shanxi Normal University, and Tianjin University of Sport. The group  presented lectures on their programs, sharing successful strategies as well as challenges, and learned how their Chinese colleagues conducted their programs.

“Declines in student health and fitness is a major concern among Chinese universities due to increased academic pressure,” said Vice-president Xu Xueming of SJTU at the USA-China Physical Education Forum. “We should learn from the U.S. and others to strengthen physical education classes to reverse the trend.”

The visits generated renewed interest and publicity at the Chinese universities, said Dr. Ji. ACC is a program supported by a U.S. State Department grant to promote public diplomacy in China. During the trip, Dr. Ji also attended the annual ACC Exchange Conference held in Xian, where all ACC representatives in China met with the new Ambassador to China to share information about their activities during the past year.

Kinesiology’s marathon training class goes the distance

On Sunday, May 3, 101 students who enrolled in one of the most popular physical activity courses in the School of Kinesiology took their final test early. They ran in the Eau Claire Marathon and every one of them passed.

The course, PE 1262 Marathon Training, is in its seventh year of extraordinary success. Dr. Stacy Ingraham, Kinesiology senior lecturer and director of the Human and Sport Performance Laboratory, has taught the class since it was first offered, when 48 students signed up for a semester of hard training and lectures that Marathon 2015culminated in an annual marathon held in Eau Claire, WI. The class has attracted more students each year, and this spring 107 students signed up. “Over seven years we’ve had a total of 528 starters and 525 finishers–a 99% finish rate,” says Dr. Ingraham. This year’s unexpected temperatures in the 80s caused three students to drop out for medical reasons before finishing, the first time that’s happened in the course’s history.

“One of the goals of the class is to use the science of running as much as we can,” says Dr. Ingraham. She points to the 11 research articles that have come out of the department based on scientific information gleaned from runners’ experiences. But just as gratifying for Dr. Ingraham has been the development of a course at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire patterned after PE 1262. Instructors from the physics and kinesiology departments there consulted with her as they were developing their own marathon course. This year, 40 of their students ran in the marathon and 60 in the half-marathon.

Dr. Ingraham and Dr. Chris Lundstrom, who co-teaches the class, traditionally host a pasta dinner and banquet in Eau Claire the night before the race. This year 229 family members, friends, and runners attended. “It’s just  so inspiring to see how many have been touched by this experience,” says Dr. Ingraham.

Read Fox 9’s interview with Dr. Ingraham and her students here.





College Spring Assembly honors four from Kinesiology

The College of Education and Human Development’s Annual Spring Assembly was held on April 21 with four from the School of Kinesiology receiving awards. Physical Activity Program director Brandi Hoffman, senior lecturer and Tucker Center associate director Nicole LaVoi, Ph.D., doctoral candidate Joshua Lupinek, and assistant professor Eric Snyder,Ph.D., were honored for their accomplishments in 2014-15.

Hoffman received the Outstanding Achievement P&A Award, which recognize academic/professional personnel and administrative personnel for outstanding achievement in furthering the mission and goals of their units and/or CEHD.

LaVoi was the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award— recognizes outstanding contributions by a college faculty member who enhances learning through classroom and/or field-based teaching, student advising and academic innovations.

Lupinek received the Outstanding Student Leadership Graduate Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize undergraduate and graduate students for exceptional leadership and/or service contributions to the CEHD, the University community, and the surrounding community.

Snyder was honored for Excellence in Academic Advising. This award recognizes exceptional academic advising of undergraduate or graduate students.

Hoffman, Maples present at 2015 Tate Conference

Brandi Hoffman (Director of the Physical Activity and Academic, Personal, and Professional Success Programs) and Alyssa Maples (Academic Advisor) presented at the 2015 Tate Conference . Hoffman and Maples were joined by CEHD advisor Don Riley in their presentation, “Toolkit for Success: Developing Academic, Personal, and Professional Success at the U of M.”

The CEHD APPS program was developed 18109_10152645357032441_1611673479307362286_nand launched by Hoffman, with Riley and Maples as regular instructors. The program features 1-credit courses, ranging in topic from effective interviewing to preparing for graduate school, all focused on student success now and after graduation.

The Tate Conference is an annual professional development opportunity for advisors and student service professionals and an occasion to celebrate the role of advising on all University of Minnesota campuses.


Physical Activity and Sport Science students present research at NASPSPA

Picture_12Several current and alumna doctoral students in the School of Kinesiology’s Physical Activity and Sport Science focus area attended or presented research at the  North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA) conference. The conference was held in downtown Minneapolis on June 12-14.

Hayley Russell and Andrew White (advisor: Diane Wiese-Bjornstal, PhD), Amanda Williams (advisor: Beth Lewis, PhD), and Alison Phillips, Andrea Stark, Nicole Bolter (Ph.D., ’10), and Lindsay Kipp (Ph.D., ’12) (advisor: Maureen Weiss, PhD) represented the PASS research area and lab. Russell presented on her multidisciplinary research with marathoners, while Phillips presented on her collaborative study of a physical activity intervention. Bolter and Kipp presented their research on coaching behaviors and sportspersonship outcomes.

PE 1262 Marathon Training course culminates in Eau Claire Marathon

University of Minnesota’s School of Kinesiology  Marathon Training course (PE 1262) completed its 6th year on May 4 with 100 students completing the Eau Claire Marathon. Not only did all of the 100 of the University runners finished the race, but the first and second place finishers of the race were U of MN students.

Eric Glaubke, a sophomore business information systems major, finished first with a time of 2:45.06 (6:17 min per mile) and Zachery Haus, a senior political science major, finished 2nd in a time of 2:51.08. Also in the top ten finishers was James Arneson (5th) in 3:03.32 and Brock Purtell (6th) in 3:03.37. For the women, the top finishers were Jordan Ecker, 1st overall in the women’s 16-19 age division in a time of 3:47.59, Emily Ralph, 4th overall in the women’s 20-29 age division in a time of 3:33.53, Ellie Walch (12th) in 3:52.50 and Margaret Mysz (13th) in 3:53.24. Glaubke, Haus, Arenson, Purtell and Ralph all qualified for the Boston Marathon for 2015. A majority of the class finished between 4-5 hours.

The class was also featured in Eau Claire’s Leader Telegram.
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Students in School of Kinesiology PE classes learn from pros

The School of Kinesiology’s Physical Activity Program (PAP) involved 6,700 students last year in more than 50 different physical activity courses. These courses help to fulfill the University’s mission to create well-rounded students in stimulating learning environments.
PE 1036 – Racquetball is an excellent example of University students learning a new skill from renowned athletes. PE Instructors Brian Phillips and Mitch Hoffman both play racquetball competitively and are passionate about teaching students the sport they love.

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Ph.D. students’ marathon prep studies featured in The New York Times

In preparation for the New York City Marathon on Nov. 4, The New York Times featured the research of three doctoral students, Patrick Wilson (PI), Greg Rhodes, Chris Lundstrom, and their advisor Stacy Ingraham, Ph.D., in a piece titled “How to Carbo-Load for a Marathon.”

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Kinesiology Ph.D. student wins Twin Cities 10K

LundstromC-2012This past weekend, Chris Lundstrom, kinesiology Ph.D. student and instructor in the Physical Activity Program, won the Twin Cities 10K (6.2 miles) with a time of 32:14 (5:11 min/mile). The TC 10K kicks off the events of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend.
An advisee of Dr. Stacy Ingraham and Dr. Arthur Leon, Lundstrom fittingly teaches PE 1262: Marathon Training each Spring.

Kinesiology’s Williams member of 2012 Ultimate Disc championship team

williamsgSchool of Kinesiology PAP Program instructor Greg Williams (PE 1078 Ultimate Disc) is a member of the Surly Grandmasters Ultimate Disc team that won the 2012 USA Ultimate Grand Master National Championships on Labor Day beating Philadelphia in the finals in Blaine, MN. 18 of the top Grand Master Teams (age 40+) from around the United States came to compete over the 3 day weekend.

Spring PE 1262 Marathon Class slide show features all-stars

The spring 2012 course offering, PE 1262 Marathon Class, enrolled 87 students, each with the goal of completing the Eau Claire Marathon in Wisconsin. Every student who started the May 3 race finished. The group has released a YouTube slide show of their race experience.
One Marathon student was working on an important project last spring, but found time to compete in the race. That student was Prof. Roger Rusack, a U of M physicist who has worked for the last two decades on the search for the Higgs boson particle (nicknamed the “God particle”), whose potential discovery was announced in July. Dr. Rusack appears in several of the slides.
PE 1262 was taught by graduate assistant Christopher Lundstrom and Dr. Stacy Ingraham, lecturer in exercise physiology.

Coach Sobalvarro leads USA women’s fencing team to first epee medal in Olympic history

Roberto Sobalvarro, University of Minnesota PE Fencing instructor and head coach for USA Women’s Epee, celebrated an Olympic win at the London 2012 games on August 4. Earning the first USA medal in epee since 1932, Sobalvarro’s team reached its goal with a bronze medal win over Russia in overtime with a score of 31-30.
“We’ve been together for a long time and that was huge for us,” said Coach Roberto Sobalvarro. “You know, the last two years we’ve quietly been doing better than almost everybody else and we have done everything I’ve always said we could do and now we really have done everything I knew we could do. It’s always been all about the team.”
Below: Sobalvarro and fencers Courtney Hurley, Susie Scanlan, and Maya Lawrence celebrate their win. (Photo: Hannah Johnston/Getty Images Europe.)
Click here to view the full article.WomensFencing

KIN wishes Olympic connections good luck in London

In light of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the School of Kinesiology is proud to recognize its connections to the Games unfolding in London, England over the next two weeks.KINOlympics

Alumni representing the School are former Gopher star and current Minnesota Lynx guard Lindsay Whalen (B.S., sport management, 2004); triple jumper Amanda Smock (Ph.D., exercise physiology, 2010); and Olympic Committee Member Angela Ruggiero (M.Ed., applied kinesiology, 2010). In addition, Roberto Sobalvarro, instructor for PE 1031 Sabre Fencing and PE 1033 Foil Fencing in the School of Kinesiology, has been named the head coach of the Women’s Epee U.S. Olympic Team.
The School of Kinesiology shares the Olympic games’ mission to encourage and support the promotion of ethics in sport, with aim to enrich the quality of human life. Congratulations, and good luck!

Kinesiology graduate Cody Mikl is graduate student representative on Board of Regents

Cody MiklKinesiology graduate Cody Mikl has been selected to serve as the graduate student representative on the Board of Regents. Mikl is pursuing his Ph.D. in OLPD. He received his B.S. and M.A. degrees in Kinesiology with a sport management emphasis. Cody is also a physical activity program instructor and facility manager in the Department of Recreational Sports.

PE 1262 students to run in Eau Claire Marathon this weekend

Of the 87, some never imagined they could run a marathon, but wanted to try. Others had nearly no running experience, but were looking for a physical and mental challenge. One of them is a U of M physics and astronomy professor. But this Sunday, all the students in PE 1262 Marathon Training will try for their personal best as they compete in the Eau Claire Marathon in Wisconsin.
In their last preparatory event, the group will convene for a carbo-load Saturday evening, with 118 race participants and colleagues expected at the dinner. The evening will also include a pre-race pep talk by Dr. Stacy Ingraham, Kinesiology lecturer and co-instructor and coach for the course. She will give a slide presentation tracing the history of PE 1262.
PE 1262 is taught by Chris Lundstrom, Kinesiology doctoral student and advisee of Dr. Ingraham, and a nationally ranked marathoner. The course was first offered in Spring 2008 and enrolled 48 runners. This semester, enrollment has almost doubled from the first class, and the course has grown into one of the most popular PE offerings.