EngrTEAMS Fellows Scheduled to Present at E4 Conference in November 2014

EngrTEAMS Teacher Fellows, Ann Pelletier, David McGill, Heidi Sundet and Shelley Norton have been accepted to present at the 2014 E4 Conference in St. Paul on November 18th, 2014. Below is the description of their presentation and registration for the E4 conference can be found at www.theworks.org

Rockin’ Good Times with Earthquakes

9:30 to 10:45 a.m.

Capacity 30

Ann Pelletier,Como Park Elementary School,Shelley Norton, Bruce F. Vento Elementary School, Heidi Sundet, Expo Elementary School & David McGill, Capitol Hill School,St. Paul Public Schools

Experience a STEM-based unit about engineering in earthquake-prone areas. Use the seismometer app on an iPad to see how seismic waves are measured and graphed. Work within design constraints and test assorted earth materials and select one substrate to anchor an amusement park ride. The design will then be tested on a shake table.