In memoriam: Clyde Parker

Clyde Parker

Clyde Parker graduated from the University of Minnesota with his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in 1957. Upon graduation, Parker became an associate professor at Brigham Young University. He returned to the University of Minnesota in 1965 and served in a number of roles from 1965-1983, including: professor, Fullbright Lecturer, and department chair.

Anna Duran, one of Parker’s Ph.D. student advisees and now president of Avatar Research Institute, considers him to be one of the key people who helped her to develop her professional identity. “Clyde was one of those professors who influenced the thinking of so many of his students and who also was the quintessential supporter of developing talent of people from diverse backgrounds,” she remembers. “He left a premier legacy of educational psychology professionals who went on to make extensive contributions to whatever fields that they pursued.”

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