APAL members participated in the International Conference on Perception and Action

Members of the Affordance Perception-Action Laboratory (APAL) led by Tom Stoffregen, PhD, professor in the School of Kinesiology, recently participated in the International Conference on Perception and Action, held in Guadalajara, Mexico over June 27-30.

Posters were presented:

  • Garza, E., Arruda, D. G., Bailey, G. S., Nie, T., & Stoffregen, T. A. Sex differences in active tilt in a virtual driving game. Poster presented by Eugenia Garza.
  • Arruda, D. G., Wagman, J. B., & Stoffregen, T. A. Perception of affordances for receiving serves in virtual volleyball: Effects of serve height in women and men. Poster presented by Dani Arruda.
  • Heath, R., & Stoffregen, T. A. Against free energy, for direct perception. Poster presented by Bob Heath.

A symposium, Higher Order Affordances, was organized by J. B. Wagman and T. A. Stoffregen. It comprised the following:

  • Wagman, J. B., Duffrin, T., & Stoffregen, T. A. When it comes to affordances, what do animals know, and how do they know it? Talk presented by J. B. Wagman.
  • Seifert, L. Higher order affordances in rock climbing. Talk presented by L. Seifert.
  • Arruda, D. G., & Stoffregen, T. A. Sport as a domain for research on higher order affordances. Talk presented by Dani Arruda.
  • Stoffregen, T. A., & Wagman, J. W. Higher order affordances and direct perception. Talk presented by T. A. Stoffregen.