C&I Ph.D. student publishes book centering Black women

Ebony Adedayo, PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction

Department of Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. student and Common Grounds Consortium Scholar Ebony Adedayo recently published The Gospel According to a Black Woman, a book that centers the narratives of Black women.

Adedayo said she was inspired to write the book after experiencing marginalization and racism working in local government, non-profit, and higher education. “My writing was a way of talking back against the experiences of marginalization and refusing to be either quiet or invisible in order to make others comfortable,” says Adedayo. 

The book’s themes intersect with Adedayo’s research interests in the Culture and Teaching Ph.D. track. Her dissertation will focus on Black women’s experiences in higher education, specifically understanding risk factors that contribute to marginalization, and also uncovering protective factors that promote wellness.

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