LT Media Lab’s “Changing Earth” documentary nominated for a regional Emmy

changing earth
C&I’s Aaron Doering leads LTML team members Jeni Henrickson and Chris Ripken across the Arctic to document climate change.

The Changing Earth: Crossing the Arctic, a joint production of TPT – Twin Cities PBS and the LT Media Lab in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, was nominated for a regional Emmy award. The documentary features a decade of the LT Media Lab’s adventure learning expeditions, transporting students and the general public to remote regions of the Arctic to learn about climate change and the unique challenges faced by far-north communities.

The expedition team included professor and co-director of LTML Aaron Doering, LTML’s creative director Jeni Henrickson and freelance filmmaker Matthew Whalen.  The documentary was produced by Steve Spencer of TPT  and executive produced by Tom Trow.

The winners will be announced on October 6 at the annual awards gala.

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