Coach Sobalvarro leads USA women’s fencing team to first epee medal in Olympic history

Roberto Sobalvarro, University of Minnesota PE Fencing instructor and head coach for USA Women’s Epee, celebrated an Olympic win at the London 2012 games on August 4. Earning the first USA medal in epee since 1932, Sobalvarro’s team reached its goal with a bronze medal win over Russia in overtime with a score of 31-30.
“We’ve been together for a long time and that was huge for us,” said Coach Roberto Sobalvarro. “You know, the last two years we’ve quietly been doing better than almost everybody else and we have done everything I’ve always said we could do and now we really have done everything I knew we could do. It’s always been all about the team.”
Below: Sobalvarro and fencers Courtney Hurley, Susie Scanlan, and Maya Lawrence celebrate their win. (Photo: Hannah Johnston/Getty Images Europe.)
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