CAREI: Research, Development, and Engagement​

The Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) has an expanded mission and vision. The new CAREI will build capacity for Research, Development and Engagement throughout the university, state and region. The new mission and vision will be led by Theodore Christ as Director along with Delia Kundin and Kim Gibbons as Associate Directors. In addition to the program evaluation services that CAREI is known for, it now also provides consultation services for research and assessment. CAREI encourages interested partners to reach out to build collaborations (e.g., school districts, researchers).

This expansion occurs at the same time that CAREI celebrates its 25-Year Anniversary. Over the years, CAREI has completed nearly 600 studies that have had an enormous impact on teaching and learning, not only in Minnesota but across the U.S. The May 4th celebration included current and former CAREI staff, CEHD and University faculty collaborators, and many community partners, such as leaders from school districts, the Minnesota Department of Education, and neighborhood outreach groups. Former University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks and current President Eric Kaler, plus CEHD Dean Jean Quam, were on hand to speak about CAREI’s strong educational research tradition, as well as its future.

CAREI 25 Year Anniversary Event
Pictured clockwise from left to right starting at top left: Former and current CAREI Directors Karen Seashore, Geoffrey Maruyama, Kyla Wahlstrom, Theodore Christ, Jean King, and not pictured: Steve Yussen; President Eric Kaler; President Emeritus Robert Bruininks; CEHD Dean Jean Quam; University Professors, Staff, and School District Representatives Serena Wright, Peter Demerath, Nicola Alexander, and Peter Olson-Skog; CAREI Staff Delia Kundin, Tim Sheldon, Kristin Peterson, Debra Ingram, Jane Fields, Theodore Christ, Michael Michlin, Beverly Dretzke, Rachel Satterlee, Dale Blyth, Kyla Wahlstrom; School District Representatives and University Professors Peter Demerath, Deanne Magnusson, Rick Spicuzza, Laura Bloomberg, Peter Olson-Skog, Sandy Christenson, Heidi Barajas, David Heistad, Kyla Wahlstrom, Theodore Christ.