CAREI Researchers Present at Mid-Western Educational Research Association Conference

MWERA-thumb-200x133-138888-thumb-200x133-138889CAREI research associates Beverly Dretzke, Debra Ingram, and Tim Sheldon each presented at the Mid-Western Educational Research Association (MWERA) annual conference, held this year in Evanston, IL. Much of the research resulted from collaboration with community partners. Two of Dretzke’s coauthors, Judy Meath and Susan Rickers, had previously worked as graduate student research assistants at CAREI.
The research presented by Dretzke, Ingram, and Sheldon covered a wide range of educational topics, specifically:
• Staying Power: Assessing the Impact of the be@school Program on Student Attendance Behavior. (Sheldon, T. D.)
• Integrating the Arts to Improve Student Learning.
(Ingram, D., & Weiss, C.)
• How Practice and Evaluation Shape Each Other: An Example from an Arts Integration Project.
(Radzicki, E., & Dretzke, B. J.)
• Be an Artist with Your Words: Integrating Instruction in Language Arts and Visual Arts.
(Ingram, D., & George, A.)
• Summer School Partnerships of Literary Artists and Sixth-Grade Reading Teachers.
(Dretzke, B. J., Meath, J. L., & Rickers, S. R.)