Dr. Karl Smith highlighted as pioneer in engineering education

The Engineering Education Pioneers project recently highlighted Dr. Karl Smith, executive co-director of the STEM Education Center, on his lifetime achievements and visions for the future of engineering education.

The Engineering Education Pioneers project is focused on highlighting past change efforts in engineering education to forge the path for ongoing transformation in the field. A major project activity is to spotlight successful leaders and change agents in engineering education.

Dr. Smith’s profile is an extensive and enlightening look at his career path with many words of wisdom peppered throughout. Besides his own personal journey, Dr. Smith shares his ideas on where the world of engineering education could do better and where it will go in the future. Concluding with the following statement,

“People in my generation have done what we can, and I think now its up to the next generation to advance the community.”

Dr. Karl Smith encapsulates his profile by passing the torch to future educators who can learn from his experience to help advance the field of engineering education.

Read the full profile on the Engineering Education Pioneers website.