Fellows Continue John Haugo Mission

The STEM Education Center is proud to announce its two new John Haugo Fellowship recipients Emily Dare and Bethann Wiley. The John Haugo Fellowship is granted to students in their final year of their PH.D. program to aid in the completion of their research.

Emily Dare
Emily Dare

This fellowship will enable me to conduct the research for my dissertation. My work will examine the attitudes and beliefs of students who are exposed to girl-friendly and integrated STEM instructional strategies. Specifically this work will focus on middle school physics in hopes of understanding what might influence girls’ interest in the field. My passion for this area of research arises from my own experiences as a woman in physics and wanting to understand why there is such low representation of women in physics-related careers.

Bethann Wiley

I am very honored and excited to receive the Haugo Fellowship.  This fellowship will allow me to focus deeply on the analysis of my data for my dissertation as well as writing my dissertation.  I plan to expand on a previous study that I was involved with in the CAREI Center on Flipped Classrooms at the elementary level.  I am interested in understanding to what extent various models of “flipping” align with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles for high quality mathematics instruction for all students.  I would also like to develop a richer understanding of how the Flipped Classroom model impacts students’ attitudes toward and achievement in mathematics.  The idea of “flipping” a classroom has become a very popular idea across the country however there is an extremely small amount of literature to support this model and virtually no research, except the CAREI study, on “flipping” at the elementary level.  I hope to move this body of research forward with my study at the elementary level specifically focusing on student impact and mathematics teaching and learning within the Flipped Classroom model.