Jensen heading to Australia to present on the ‘Flipped Classroom’

Murray JensenAs part of his National Science Foundation POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) project, Murray Jensen, associate professor in Postsecondary Teaching & Learning, has been invited to Melbourne, Victoria to present next week at the Australian Physiological Society International conference on the topic of the “flipped classroom,” a pedagogical model where the lecture and homework portions of a course are reversed.

While there, Jensen will lead workshops and discuss examples of POGIL activities in physiology and share his expertise in the area of teaching entry-level university science projects at Deakin, LaTrobe, Monash, Flinders, and Adelaide Universities.

Jensen is currently working on how to teach anatomy and physiology in an active learning classroom. He has 51 publications in the area of teaching and learning, with a particular emphasis on biology education and the first-year college transition. Learn more about Murray’s work at his website:

Update: See a video of Jensen’s presentation in Australia.