Ji and Kang to publish set of articles

Liliji-kinesiologyLi Li Ji, Ph.D., director of the School of Kinesiology and director of the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene and Exercise Science (LPHES) along with postdoctoral fellow Choughun Kang, Ph.D., have recently had two articles accepted for publication.
The first article is entitled, “Muscle Immobilization and Remobilization Down-regulates PGC-1α Signaling and Mitochondrial Biogenesis Pathway,” and will be published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. The second article is titled, “Exercise training attenuates aging-associated mitochondrial dysfunction in rat skeletal muscle: Role of PGC-1α,” and is set to be published in Experimental Gerontology. Both papers represent a major research focus of the LPHES.