Masten quoted on resilience and military families in EScience, PhysOrg, and ScienceDaily

Ann S. MastenWith the release of the Future of Children, the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and the Brookings Institution have published the first comprehensive report since 9/11 that examines the strengths of and the challenges faced by military families and children. Ann Masten, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Psychology, describes the articles in the report as using contemporary developmental systems theory and a resilience framework to understand these families and what can be learned from their experiences.
In her summary: Afterword: What We Can Learn from Military Children and Families, Masten writes: “Finding what works among military families to promote resilience and protect child development may have profound significance for the future of all American children”. You may find the report at several science news outlets, including E!Science News, PhysOrg, and ScienceDaily.