New faculty liaison roles for 2014-15 in two TERI Partner Sites

We’re pleased to announce that Barbara Billington and Terry Wyberg will be embedded half-time as faculty liaisons in SPPS and MPS during the next academic school year. Both CEHD instructors will work alongside school partners for the year as part of the faculty and as co-teachers.

“We are very excited about the CEHD faculty liaison position proposed for Linwood-Monroe” said Patricia King, Assistant Director of Leadership Development in the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Leading at SPPS. Patrick Duffy, principal of Clara Barton K-8 in MPS also reports ” I am really excited to continue our partnership with the University of Minnesota and have Terry here as a resource for our teachers and students.”

Working together, side by side, in shared spaces has been an integral part of our redesign effort in CEHD’s Teacher Education Redesign Initiative. School partners serving on TERI’s curriculum development teams, hired as clinical supervisors, working as induction liaisons, and teaching in CEHD classrooms have contributed invaluable perspectives and expertise to our shared work to prepare new teachers who will change the world. Similarly, the opportunity for CEHD faculty to engage directly with partner sites as co-teachers and teachers with K-8 students provides embedded professional development opportunities for CEHD faculty and staff engaged in giving back directly to our P-12 students and the teaching profession.