OLPD well represented at AHRD International Research Conference

Faculty members, students, and alumi from the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) attended and presented at the 2013 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) International Research Conference held on February 13-16 in Arlington, Virginia.


The Relationship between Training Outsourcing and Organizational Commitment
Sanghamitra Chaudhuri (The Ohio State University; OLPD alumni, Ph.D.-WHRE, 2011) and Ken Bartlett (OLPD faculty)
Impact of Cultural Intelligence on Work Performance: A Phenomenological Study
Xi Yu (Ph.D. student -WHRE)
Behaviors Associated with Managerial Career Derailment: An Exploration of Self-Other Agreement Pattern Groups in Multisource Feedback
Louis Quast (OLPD faculty), Joseph Wohkittel (Ph.D. student-WHRE), Chu-Ting Chung (ESPY), Bai Vue (OLPD M.Ed. student-HRD), Bruce A. Center (EPSY), and Allison E. Phillips (EPSY)
The Theory and Practice of Case-In-Point Teaching of Leadership in Human Resource Development
Robert Yawson (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
Positive Organizational Behavior and its Impact on Organizational Change: A Conceptual Framework
Xi Yu (Ph.D. student -WHRE)
Using Motion Pictures in Teaching Intercultural Concepts: An Action Research Project at Two Universities in India and the USA
Alexandre Ardichvili (OLPD faculty) and Satish Pandey & Pandit Deendayal (Petroleum University, India)
Foundational Theories of HRD: Twenty Years in the Making
Shari Peterson (OLPD faculty) and Huh Jung Hahn (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
Development and Validation of an Instrument to Assess Employees’ Perceptions of Informal Learning Work Contexts: An Abstract
Jane Maringka (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
Enterprise-Level Human Resource Development in Russia: Trends and Barriers
Elena Zavyalova (St. Petersburg State University) and Alexandre Ardichvili (OLPD faculty)
Multidisciplinary Simulation-Based Team Training (SBTT) in Healthcare RFM
Mary A. Severson (OLPD alumni, Ph.D.-WHRE, 2012)
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Tourism: The Role of Training and Development
Karen R. Johnson (The University of Akron; OLPD alumni, Ph.D.-WHRE, 2011) & Mauvalyn Bowen (Metropolitan State University; OLPD alumni, Ph.D.-WHRE, 2008)
Emergence of HRD from the Humanistic Perspective
Christina Stello (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
Paid Educational Leave and Self-Directed Learning: Implications for the Legislation on the Learning Leave Scheme in South Korea
Jeong Rok Oh (Ph.D. student-WHRE), Cho Hyun Park (Pennsylvania State University), & Sung Jun Jo (Utica College)
The “Wicked Problem Construct” as a Framework for Organizational Development and Change
Robert M. Yawson (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
Knowledge Sharing in Work Teams: Antecedents of Individual Engagement
Jae-Hang Noh (Ph.D. student-WHRE) & David Christesen (OLPD faculty)
Conceptualization and Description of HRD in Ghana
Felix Amenumey & Robert Yawson (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
A Global View on Reforms of Vocational Education and Training Systems in China
Xi Yu (Ph.D. student-WHRE)


  • Alexandre Ardichvili (OLPD faculty)
  • David Christesen (OLPD faculty)
  • Jeong Rok Oh (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
  • Elizabeth Jayanti (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
  • Louis Quast (OLPD faculty)
  • Christina Stello (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
  • Robert M Yawson (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
  • Xi Yu (Ph.D. student-WHRE)

Additional attendees included:

  • James Brown (OLPD faculty)
  • Rebecca Helgeson (M.Ed. student-HRD)
  • Seogjoo Hwang (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
  • Gary McLean (WHRE professor emeritus)
  • Bethany Opsata (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
  • Sowath Rana (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
  • Molly Wickam (Ph.D. student-WHRE)
  • Numerous OLPD alumni