STEM Education Center presents at East China Normal University

In May 2015, Dr. Jia-Ling Lin, research scientist from the STEM Education Center, and Prof. Tamara Moore (the former co-director of the STEM Education Center, now associate professor at the Purdue University) presented two lecture series in the East China Normal University (ECNU), awarded by the Lectureship for the Division of the International Courses for Graduate Students of ECNU: “Foundations of Precollege Integrated STEM Education” (Moore) & “Discourse Analysis and Nature of Dialogic Inquiry in STEM Education” (Lin).

In 2014, Prof. Moore and Dr. Lin were invited to become distinctive oversea professors for the Collaborative Innovation Center for National Education Policy-making (CICNEP), following the STEM Center delegation visit to the ECNU in spring 2013. Members of the delegation included Prof. Karl Smith, the center co-director, Prof. Moore, and Dr. Lin. The delegation was received by the Vice President of the ECNU, Dr. Ren Youqun, who expressed interests in establishing and developing collaborations with UMN.