STEM Spotlight- Sousada Chidthachack

Every month the STEM Education Center will highlight one of its many outstanding graduate students who work hard to improve the field of STEM Education.

This month, the STEM Education Center would like to spotlight Sousada Chidthachack
Sousada Chidthachack received her BA in Mathematics and her MA in Curriclum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas and is working on her Ph.D. in STEM Education at the University of Minnesota. Her projected date of graduation is December 2015 and she works on both the EngrTEAMS and Prepare2Nspire grants in the STEM Education Center. Born in Nakhom Phanom, Thailand, Sousada dreamed of being a reporter for E!News or National Geographic or a talk show host like Oprah. Sousada is the proud owner of a tan pit-bull/boxer named Magnum Rambo who she likes to take to Lake Calhoun and Uptown, her favorite places in Minneapolis. Her favorite color is red and she loves Asian cuisine, more specifically sushi, papaya salad and pad thai. Lastly, if Sousada had one super power it would be to wipe out all student debt for all deserving students. The STEM Education Center is proud to have Sousada Chidthachack as a member of the team, her hard work and dedication to STEM Education is much appreciated.
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