The Other Wes Moore and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

MIA2Kris Cory, senior teaching specialist in the Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning, brought her PsTL 1525W First Year Inquiry class to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for a guided tour. The Other Wes Moore is the Minneapolis Institute of Arts November Book Tour book and all PsTL 1525W students are attending customized tours for their class sections. The docents prepare for the students’ visit by reading The Other Wes Moore and choosing pieces of art that draw thematic connections to the book. With the docent, students discussed a variety of forces that impact young people’s development and paths to adulthood — family and community, friendship, religion, and violence, among others — as they examined works of art from ancient China and Africa to modern America. The MIA trip provided an opportunity for students to deepen their exploration of the common book which continues with the Pathways for Youth panel discussion on Friday, October 26th, and the author Wes Moore’s visit on October 30th.