WATCH: Gunnar delivers EDTalk on healthy child development

Dr. Megan Gunnar

Megan Gunnar, Ph.D., director of the Institute of Child Development, is featured on the AchieveMPLS website after delivering an EDTalk on early childhood and brain development.

AchieveMPLS is a non-profit partner of Minneapolis Public Schools that focuses on career and college readiness for students in Minneapolis. Their EDTalks aim to call attention to a wide range of issues impacting public education.

During her EDTalk, Gunnar emphasized the importance of fostering healthy child development and discussed ways to ensure that children grow and live in healthy environments.

“If we work together, we can think of a comprehensive set of plans across the community to work on over the years to create the kind of context we want for our communities, for the families and children there, so that we will all have a bright future,” Gunnar said.

Watch the Early Childhood and Brain Development EDTalk.