CAREI Weighs in on All-Day Kindergarten Question

kids-at-ready-set-grow-preschool-nassau-raising-hands-1024x768-thumb-200x150-145011Kyla Wahlstrom, director of the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI), spoke with WCCO’s Jason DeRusha about the findings of CAREI’s recent research on all-day kindergarten. DeRusha’s popular piece “Good Question: Is All-Day Kindergarten Worth It?” was spurred by Governor Dayton’s proposal to fund all-day kindergarten across Minnesota. CAREI’s five-year research study on all-day kindergarten in the Burnsville School District found clear differences in the groups of kids who had all-day kindergarten from those who did not. For more information, you can read CAREI’s Report, or watch the WCCO News segment.