C&I’s Misty Sato discusses new system for measuring student performance

SatoM-2007This week the Minnesota Department of Education released statewide assessment results for student proficiency in grades three through eight. The data show incremental but consistent improvement in reading and math scores, particularly for students of color, though wide gaps remain.
Minnesota Public Radio spoke with several experts regarding the state’s efforts to more accurately assess student performance and to close the achievement gap. Associate Professor Misty Sato (Curriculum and Instruction) spoke of the new system’s goals: “This is not just raising students of color up to a level of white students or higher socioeconomic status students. This is moving all kids from moving where they are now to high levels of performance.”
Sato, leader of the college’s Teacher Education Redesign Initiative, was appointed to the state’s Teacher Evaluation Working Group in December. The group was selected by Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius to develop a new evaluation system for teachers. As these assessments are released, the teacher evaluation working group will be examining the state’s systems and will be providing recommendations.
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