Ph.D. students’ marathon prep studies featured in The New York Times

In preparation for the New York City Marathon on Nov. 4, The New York Times featured the research of three doctoral students, Patrick Wilson (PI), Greg Rhodes, Chris Lundstrom, and their advisor Stacy Ingraham, Ph.D., in a piece titled “How to Carbo-Load for a Marathon.”

Large_NYC_MARATHONWilson, quoted in the article, gives the following pre-race advice: “I often tell people to choose relatively concentrated sources of carbs, like juices, pasta, rice, and sweets. That way, the volume of food needed isn’t so enormous … [L]ower-fiber foods may be good, since that could reduce the potential for stomach distress during the race.”
The New York Times article is based on research conducted as part of PE 1262 (Marathon Training), which mentally and physically prepares students for running a marathon by the end of the semester. This original research was published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism.