Multimedia and Multicultural Models for First-Year Coursework

The Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning kicked off their spring 2013 Research Series with “Multimedia and Multicultural Models for First-Year Coursework”. The event showcased two presentations that introduced participants to teaching models that facilitate learning and engagement for a diverse group of first year students.
Assistant professor Mike Stebleton and senior teaching specialist Linda Buturian presented student work from their First Year Inquiry class, “Living the Dream: Exploring Identity, Community, and Social Equality”. A digital narrative assignment was used for students to express what they had learned through technology and story-telling to “convey what it means to live the ‘good life'”. Stebleton showed one of the digital narratives and facilitated a group discussion about the benefits and challenges of implementing and assessing multimedia projects.
Professor Jeanne Higbee and Danni Song, PsTL M.A. student, presented their work with Integrated Multicultural Instructional Design in a freshman seminar, PsTL 1907W “Exploring Diversity through a Popular Culture Lens”. Higbee and Song discussed the use of a unique learning style implemented throughout the semester that focused on “speed discussion” with questions generated by the students instead of the teacher. Song noted that this technique provided an opportunity for students to discuss what really mattered to them, and that they did an excellent job at communicating ideas when pressured for time.