Announcing CEHD Bowling Tournament Winners

Pins were flying at the fourth annual CEHD Bowling Tournament Thursday, August 8, in Goldy’s Gameroom. Eighteen teams came to vie for the best average team score as well as best costume. Once the dust settled after an intense afternoon of strikes, spares, and splits, it was clear to everyone that it was a great way to spend time with CEHD colleagues.

Having the highest average team score were the High Rollers (468) and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter (444). Members of the High Rollers include Patrick Doble, Nicole Shopbell, Michael DallaValle, and Schee Moua. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter includes Lucy Evans, Andy Bartus, Max Webb, Jeff Zytkovicz, and Daniel Peterson. The highest individual score winners were Jessica Baltzley (143) and Matt Smriga (145). Teams having the best costume were the Cowbowlers (Jennifer Schneider, Ava Leintz, Katie Kickhafer, and Tali Levin) and the Purple Lanes (Sheri Beck, Anna Mraz, Rita Richardson, Jamie Schumann, Ian Turnage-Butterbaugh, and Don Riley.

The other competing teams include:

  • Bowl LPD (Alex Evenson, Jeremy Hernandez, Alissa Jones, Daniel Koza, and Kevin Ly)
  • Ed Psych Strikers (Rachel Brovold, Lesa Clarkson), Alicia Vegell, and Andrew Zieffler)
  • ETI (Shannon Mayer, Jessica McLain, Todd Williams, and Ashley Wright)
  • FSoS Flyers (Anna Brenk, Sarah Dohm, Julie Michener, Steve Pearthree, and Nikki Wakal)
  • HR Bowlers (Mark Demulling, Rachel Domazeck, Allie Jonas, Christal Vang, and Amy Yang)
  • Kinesiology (Miriam DeRoode, Bob Janoski, Michael Klecker, Jonathan Sweet, Gao Thao, and Brittany Vickers)
  • Magic 8 Bowls (Brittany Barber, Ann Dingman, Holly Hartung, Jireh Mabamba, and Matt Smriga)
  • No Mercy (Rayla Allison, Sherri Boone, Susan Holte, Obafemi Ogunleye, Jean Quam, and Mani Vang)
  • Pro-CEED (Karen Anderson, Ann Bailey, Alyssa Meuwissen, Ashley Midthun, and Deb Ottoman)
  • The Rock ‘n’ Bowlers (Jessica Baltzley, Nik Fernholz, Gretchen Gallagher Weinstein, and Amy Kurowski-Moen)
  • Splitting on an Angry Spare (Nathan Kopka, Michael Rodriguez, Frank Symons, and Ryan Warren)
  • SS Winners (Carole Anne Broad, Darron Sherrill, Tasia Tigue, and Betty Yang)
  • SSW Dream Team (John Bricout, Joe Merighi, Megan Morrissey, Heidi Presslein, James Reinardy, and Lynette Renner)
  • Strikers (Anthony Albecker, Kayla Cory, Amani Stumne-Berry, and Bai Vue)

Thanks to everyone who took part in the fourth annual CEHD Bowling Tournament. It’s not too early to start practicing for next year.