C&I faculty move dance residency online to bring together students across the world

C&I students dance together virtually through the online dance residency.

After the U moved to online-only instruction, instructors Betsy Maloney Leaf and Linda Buturian in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, got creative on how to continue to deliver a three-day dance residency with the Cowles Center for Dance to students enrolled in “CI 1032: Creating Identities: Learning In and Through the Arts.” The result? An online dance course bringing together almost 90 students and three professional dancers scattered across the country and the world to learn and dance together through their computer screens.

Through three days of learning, the students learned to dance, choreograph, and discover the capacity of digital dance to help each other understand their own embodied identities. They were also instructed by professional dancers Giselle Mejia, Erinn Liebhard, and Scott Stafford of the Cowles Center for Dance.

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