Denise Felder receives Irene Rossman Award

Denise Felder, the associate director of Career Services at CEHD, recently received the Irene Rossman Award from the Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA). The award honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to MCDA and/or the field of career development. 

Felder received the award at the annual MCDA conference hosted at Normandale Community College on Friday, April 26. At the event, the MCDA president said of Felder:

“Denise Felder’s unwavering dedication to applying anti-racism principles to career development has had a profound impact, not only within her immediate professional sphere but also within the broader community. Denise has demonstrated visionary leadership, implementing innovative initiatives centered around creating a culture of career and promoting anti-racism and social justice within the Career Center.

“Her approach goes beyond mere rhetoric; Denise embodies her principles through action, advocating for the needs of marginalized individuals, including those with disabilities, from low-income backgrounds, immigrant and international students, and first-generation college students. Through her private coaching practice, she continues to champion the right of every individual to pursue a career path that brings fulfillment, not just financial gain.

“Denise’s impact extends far beyond her professional roles. As a longstanding member and past president of MCDA, she has been instrumental in shaping the direction of the association, fostering a supportive community for career development professionals, and actively participating in events aimed at advancing the field.

“In honoring Denise Felder with the Irene Rossman Award, we not only recognize her remarkable achievements and persistent dedication but also acknowledge her role as a trailblazer in the field of career development. Denise’s example serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the importance of centering equity, justice, and compassion in our work.”