Family Social Science’s Weiler honored with national award in community engagement

A group of professors.
The Campus Connections team: (left to right) Dr. Toni Zimmerman, Dr. Lise Youngblade, Dr. Jen Krafchick, Dr. Lindsey Weiler. Not pictured: Dr. Shelley Haddock and Mackenzie Miller.

The Engagement Scholarship Consortium honored Lindsey Weiler, FSoS Assistant Professor, and collaborators from Colorado State University with the inaugural Excellence in Community Partner Community Engagement Award. The ESC Awards Program recognizes the sustained work of students, faculty, community partners, and higher education institutions to support opportunities for enhanced peer learning.

They were honored for the Campus Connections Youth Mentoring Program based at Colorado State University that has collaborated with multiple community partners over the past ten years to support youth and families in the community and to support an extraordinary service-learning experience for undergraduate students. In addition to Weiler, the team includes Dr. Toni Zimmerman, Dr. Jen Krafchick, Dr. Shelley Haddock, Dr. Lise Youngblade and Mackenzie Miller.

The Engagement Scholarship Consortium (ESC) is a non-profit educational organization of higher education member institutions – both state-public and private institutions – with the goal to build strong university-community partnerships anchored in the rigor of scholarship and designed to help build community capacity.