ICD PhD graduates participate in virtual hooding ceremony

Although University of Minnesota graduates weren’t able to participate in an in-person commencement or graduation ceremony this year, the Institute of Child Development (ICD) hosted a virtual hooding ceremony for graduates of the PhD in developmental psychology program. Graduates who were able to attend were presented with an ICD certificate recognizing their work and welcoming them to the department’s alumni community. 

Congratulations to all of this year’s ICD PhD graduates!

  • Brandon Almy: Dissertation, “Self-Regulation and Adolescent Decision-Making” (Advisor: Philip D. Zelazo; Co-advisor: Monica Luciana)
  • Lauren Demers: Dissertation, “Developmental risk factors and outcomes associated with impulsive reactions to emotions” (Advisor: Kathleen Thomas)
  • Carrie DePasquale: Dissertation, “Dyadic Behavioral Coregulation and Child Physiological Activity in Homeless/Highly Mobile Parent-Child Dyads: A State-Space Grid Analysis” (Advisor: Megan Gunnar)
  • Rachel Foster: Dissertation, “Reflective Functioning in a High-Risk, Prospective, Longitudinal Sample: Early Antecedents and Associations with Adult Attachment Representations” (Advisor: Ann Masten; Research co-advisor: Glenn Roisman; Clinical co-advisor: Bonnie Klimes-Dougan)
  • Amanda Grenell: Dissertation, “Individual differences in executive function and learning: Role of type of knowledge and instructional approaches” (Advisor: Stephanie Carlson)
  • Max Herzberg: Dissertation, “Developmental trade-offs following early life stress: Assessing the cost of accelerated maturation in emotion regulation circuitry” (Advisor: Kathleen Thomas)
  • Christina Mondi-Rago: Dissertation, “Early Educational Intervention and Psychological Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Investigation in a Low-Income, Urban Sample” (Advisor: Arthur Reynolds)
  • Annelise Pesch: Dissertation, “Trust Matters: Measuring preschoolers’ epistemic and interpersonal trust in teachers” (Advisor: Melissa Koenig)
  • Jyothi Ramakrishnan: Dissertation, “The interrelations of childhood conscientiousness, nonindependent and independent adversity, and adult physical health” (Advisor: Ann Masten)
  • Brie Reid: Dissertation, “Pathways to depressive symptoms and inflammation from early psychosocial and nutritional adversity: a longitudinal study of Chilean youth” (Advisor: Megan Gunnar; Co-advisor: Michael Georgieff)