ICD PhD student and post-doc highlights: June 2021

Recent presentations

Gillespie, S., Eckerstorfer, S., Simenec, T.S., & Ibrahim, S. (2021, June). JUS Media? Global Classroom. Presentation delivered at the World’s Challenge Challenge semi-finals competition.

Castelo, R.J., Lopez, R., Hodel, A.S., Hunt, R.H., Gunnar, M.R., Thomas, K.M. (2021, May). Associations between cognitive flexibility and prefrontal cortex volumes in children with a history of early deprivation. Association for Psychological Science.

Choi, D. & Castelo, R.J. (2021, May). The value of teaching children about emotions: A mediation analysis of socioeconomic status and executive function. Association for Psychological Science. *Received Honorable Mention for the APS Rise Award

Recent publications

Lauren Eales recently had a first-author paper accepted for publication in Developmental Psychology (title: Family Resilience and Psychological Distress in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed-Methods Study), with Sarah Gillespie as a co-author. 

Lauren Eales, Sarah Gillespie, and Keira Leneman are all co-authors on an in-press American Psychologist paper led by Dr. Gail Ferguson titled, “The whiteness pandemic behind the racism pandemic: Familial whiteness socialization in Minneapolis following #GeorgeFloyd’s murder.”

Cohodes, E.M., Kribakaran, S., Odriozola, P., Bakirci, S., McCauley, S., Hodges, H.R., Sisk, L.M., Zacharek, S.J., & Gee, D. G. (2021). Migration-related trauma and mental health among migrant children emigrating from Mexico and Central America to the United States: Effects on developmental neurobiology and implications for policy. Developmental Psychobiology. 

Waters, T.E.A., Magro, S.W., Alhajeri, J., Groh, A., Haltigan, J.D., Holland, A.A., Steele, R.D., Bost, K.K., Owen, M.T., Vaughn, B.E., Booth-LaForce, C., & Roisman, G.I. (2021). Early child care experiences and attachment representations at age 18 years: Evidence from the Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development. Developmental Psychology, 57(4), 548-556.

Nivison, M.D., Vandell, D.L., Booth-LaForce, C., & Roisman, G.I. (2021). Convergent and discriminant validity of retrospective assessments of the quality of childhood parenting: Prospective evidence from infancy to age 26 years. Psychological Science, 32(5), 721-734.

Nivison, M.D., Facompré, C.R., Raby, K.L., Simpson, J.A., Roisman, G.I., & Waters, T.E.A. (in press). Childhood abuse and neglect are prospectively associated with scripted attachment representations in young adulthood. Development and Psychopathology.

Dagan, O., Buisman, R.S.M., Nivison, M.D., Waters, T.E.A., Bost, K.K., Vaughn, B.E., Bleil, M.E., Vandell, D.L., Booth-LaForce, C., & Roisman, G.I. (in press). Does secure base script knowledge mediate associations between observed parental caregiving during childhood and adult romantic relationship quality and health? Attachment & Human Development.

Distefano, R., Grenell, A., Palmer, A.R., Houlihan, K., Masten, A. & Carlson, S.M. (accepted, April 2021). Importance of executive function and emotion regulation for children’s school success: protective or promotive factors? Journal of Cognitive Development.

Langenfeld, A.D., Kroupina, M., Palmer, A.R., & Gustafson, K. (in press, July 2021). Importance of trauma-informed practice in evaluation of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Developmental Pediatrics.

VanMeter, F., Nivison, M.D., Englund, M.M., Carlson, E.A., & Roisman, G.I. (in press). Childhood abuse and neglect and self-reported symptoms of psychopathology through midlife. Developmental Psychology.


Romulus Castelo received a Council of Graduate Students Research Support Grant and a GradSEHD Research Development Grant to support his remote/online study on children’s choice preferences.

Lauren Eales received an ICD small grant, Howard Diversity Fund grant, Council of Graduate Students Career Development Award, and Council of Graduate Students Research Support Grant.

Jacob Kunkel received the Hauge Outstanding TA Award in recognition of his excellent contributions as a TA for the Institute of Child Development. 

Marissa Nivison has received the T32 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship.

Alyssa Palmer received the American Psychological Foundation Lorraine D. Eyde Fund Award, a Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, the P.E.O Scholars Award, and an Honorable Mention for the SCCAP APA Division 53 Routh Dissertation Grant.


Keira Leneman co-developed the Whiteness Pandemic page on the Culture and Family Life (CFL) Lab website under the guidance of Dr. Gail Ferguson and with the support of CFL Research Associate Aniya Armour.