Learning Technologies minor Haven Jacoby is driven to use technology responsibly as a digital citizen.

haven jacoby lt minor student

Senior journalism major Haven Jacoby finds valuable career and life skills as a digital citizen in the learning technologies (LT) minor.

What drove you to enroll in the Learning Technologies program?

The reason I initially became interested in the minor was because I had taken a couple of classes with Dr. Pazurek, and absolutely loved them. I had never been in an online class that was so engaging, well-run, and that I really learned something from before. I was left wondering what could be done differently in other online classes to ensure that students could experience what I had experienced. I talked with Dr. Pazurek, and she mentioned how the LT minor was fairly new, and how it covered various topics in digital media and how to use them effectively. I felt that the LT minor contained important skills that hadn’t been fully covered in my other classes, or even general life, and I thought it would be a great foundation for all of my major’s skills.

I was also beginning to do social media marketing at my job and saw how the LT minor could help to strengthen the skills I already brought to the job, as well as teach me new skills that I could apply to this job as well as any future job. 

Which part of the program have you found to be the most valuable?

This program has taught me a lot about digital citizenship–how we can use technology in an ethical, appropriate, and empowered way. These skills are valuable not only for our own personal use but also for any future careers that involve technology, which most do.

How has your experience been with the faculty?

My experience with the faculty has been fantastic – I could go on and on about how caring, passionate, understanding, and down-to-earth every faculty member I have encountered is. As I mentioned, this is initially part of what drew me to the minor. It’s been great taking classes where you can tell your professors really care about you and respect you as a person. All of the professors are very cognizant of the fact that life as a student can be difficult at times, and they are always there to support you in any way they can, which I’ve really appreciated.

Will the learning technologies minor help you in your career path?

Yes, it definitely will. Much of what I’ve learned in the School of Journalism is focused on communication, most of which is digitized. This program has taught me how to engage with and communicate in online spaces and build out a framework to best utilize the tools available to me. I work in social media marketing, and will likely continue to do so. The skills I’ve acquired through this program have helped me to expand my perception of social media’s uses, and how I can better use them in a professional manner.

How do you see technology and the internet changing how you learn in the future?

The internet has already begun to change our access to information, and I think this will only continue. The internet has allowed its users to pursue education outside of traditional classrooms, and to pursue knowledge in any field one might be interested in. Learning is a lifelong process, and I think technology will continue to help facilitate that.

Any other thoughts you want to share about your experience?

I really appreciate how this minor includes perspectives from a variety of different fields. Even just in the choices for elective courses, classes range from history to journalism to design, and even philosophy. It’s easy to settle into a major and take classes only on one subject, but I think it’s important to recognize how valuable these different perspectives can be, and how they can make you even better in your own field.

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