Masten Lab RA Position: Positive Emotion Coding During a Motivation Task

The Masten Lab at the Institute of Child Development is seeking a Research Assistant to help with a positive emotion coding project. The position is available immediately and open to students in any major. While this is an unpaid position, we can definitely work with you to get research credit or Honors experience for this position.
Research Activities: The project investigates how expressions of joy, pride, happiness and pleasure during a self-motivated magnetic fishing game is related to positive outcomes.
The RA will be asked to watch the videos of young children engaging in a life-size magnetic fishing game on their own.  Every 15 seconds, they will code the child’s face, voice, and body on intensity of positive emotion using a detailed coding manual.  This is an advanced coding system, and you will receive training on the coding process in order to achieve reliability with the anchor coder, as well as ongoing support throughout the project.  Your input into how the coding process can be modified and improved will also be encouraged. 
This position may be of particular interest to individuals interested in going to graduate school in the field of psychology and seeking to gain research experience.
Previous research experience is a plus. However, we are primarily seeking individuals who are interested to learn about this topic area and have a strong attention to detail.
We are flexible about hours per week (usually RAs choose to work anywhere from 3 to 10 hours per week) and anticipate there will be a total of around 35 to 50 hours of coding and work overall from start to finish.
To apply:
Please send the following:
a. Resume
b. Unofficial Transcript (can be downloaded for free at Onestop)
c. 1-2 paragraphs explaining why you are interested in this position
In the e-mail Subject Line, please write “Application for Positive Emotion Project.”
Send this material to Jyothi Ramakrishnan at Also, feel free to e-mail me any questions you might have prior to applying!