Masten honored with Irving B. Harris Endowed Professorship

Ann MastenAnn Masten, professor, Institute of Child Development, has been named the Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development. Masten has been selected to fill the position formerly held by Dr. Nicki Crick, who passed away in October of 2012.
One of the goals of the Irving B. Harris Endowed Professorship is to encourage scholarly activity in those aspects of child development related to children growing up in high-risk conditions. Masten is an expert on resilience and her latest work has focused particularly on understanding and promoting school success in homeless and highly mobile (HHM) children, collaborating with a team of committed partners from school districts, shelters, county and community agencies, as well as the university. Masten describes her current work as “focused on executive function, parenting, and stress response systems in families, all of which appear to play a powerful role in the well being and success of children in school.”
Congratulations, Ann!