New CPAC members and P&A senators announced

The CEHD Professional and Administrative Council (CPAC) has announced two new members. They are Susan Diekman from CEHD communications and marketing and Alyssa Meuwissen from the Institute of Child Development. Other CPAC members include Christen Christopherson of student services; Colleen Clements of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I); Jane Fields of the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement; Milena Gebremeskel of the School of Social Work; Annie Hanson-Burke of the Department of Educational Psychology; Alissa Jones of the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD); Julie Michener of the Department of Family Social Science; and Darrell Peterson of the Institute on Community Integration (ICI).

CPAC members meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month. They work as advisors and collaborators for information related to P&A employment within the college. They also facilitate the P&A University Senate elections. New P&A senators include Anthony Albecker of the McNair Scholars Program (TRIO), Kathryn Silverstein of C&I, and Renata Ticha of ICI. Others senators include Ann Bailey of the Center for Early Education and Development and Gary Peter of OLPD.