Northern Lights receives Google Gift to develop Indigenous Computer Science curriculum

Northern Lights Collaborative for Computing Education in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota was recently awarded a Google Gift to support the development of an Indigenous Computer Science (CS) curriculum unit incorporating Ojibwe and Dakota languages and cultures. The collaborative will provide up to 15 schools with significant Native American student populations with stipends to attend a workshop, implement the CS curriculum unit, and provide feedback to improve the materials.

The University of Minnesota was one of only three universities across the country to receive funding from Google to increase access and participation in CS for Indigenous students from K-12 through postsecondary.

Northern LIghts Director Jennifer Rosato

“Representation of Native Americans in STEM fields like engineering and computer science continues to be the lowest of any demographic group. We have a long way to go until all students receive the same opportunities in computer science (CS). There is a need for more resources, teacher support, and culturally responsive and sustaining curriculum to close this equity gap,” said Northern Lights Collaborative Director Jennifer Rosato.

Northern Lights Collaborative for Computing Education develops evidence-based programs and resources in collaboration with educators and partners that support inclusive K-16 computing education. Visit the Northern Light’s website and follow them on LinkedIn to learn more about their work.