Gao has two articles published as lead author

GaoZ-prefDr. Zan Gao, assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology and director of the Physical Activity Epidemiology Lab (PAEL), recently had two research articles published as lead author.
The first study is titled, “Examining elementary school children’s level of enjoyment of traditional tag games vs. interactive dance games,” and was published by Psychology, Health & Medicine. Gao’s research found that children reported significantly higher scores in enjoyment toward exergaming than they did toward traditional physical education games.
The second study, “The impact of an exergaming intervention on urban school children’s physical activity levels and academic outcomes,” was published in Asian Journal of Exercise and Sport Science. The findings from this study suggest that the implementation of exergaming could have a positive effect on urban children’s physical activity levels, task values toward mathematics, and mathematics grades over time.