Lewis, Schuver publish in Journal of Lactation

Katie Schuver, Ph.D.
Katie Schuver
Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
Beth Lewis

Beth Lewis, Ph.D., and Katie Schuver, Ph.D., associate¬†professor and post-doctoral fellow, respectively, in the School of Kinesiology, have published a paper in the Journal of Lactation,The Relationship between prenatal antidepressant use and the decision to breastfeed among women enrolled in a randomized exercise intervention trial.” The paper, written with colleagues Dwenda Gjerdingen (Family Medicine and Community Health, UMN), Melissa Avery (School of Nursing, UMN), John Sirard (U Mass Amherst), and Bess Marcus (University of California, San Diego,¬†explores the relationship between prenatal antidepressant use and breastfeeding initiation.