C&I alum, Vanessa Hoff deepens her connection to teaching and the arts in the MEd program

Vanessa Hoff

High school visual arts teacher and recent C&I alumna Vanessa Hoff developed her teaching practice as well as her personal artistic work through the MEd Professional Studies in Arts in Education program—without setting a foot on campus.

What drove you to enroll in the MEd, professional studies program?

I was motivated to enroll in the program because I felt like I needed to connect with more educators who were passionate, committed, and willing to explore personal and professional growth, especially in the arts.

What do you hope to get out of your educational experience?

I endeavor to trouble societal constructs, to learn in partnership, and to keep my heart open. Through my studies at the U of M, I am hoping to find more resources to make these practices sustainable.

Were there any surprises and challenges along the way?

I completed my graduate studies without setting a foot on campus. I really didn’t see that one coming. 

What has been your experience with the faculty?

More so than not, I have found the faculty supportive, graceful in handling the chaos of 2020, and empathetic. 

Did your coursework help prepare you to move forward in your career?

A resounding yes. In particular, my studies in the area of Arts-Based Educational Research (ABER), have contributed not only to my teaching practice but also to my work as a visual artist. I am excited to continue navigating space, time, and lived realities.

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