In memoriam: Victor S. Koscheyev, researcher, scientist, inventor

Dr. Victor Koscheyev

Victor S. Koscheyev, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., renowned researcher, inventor and scientist in the School of Kinesiology and at the University of Minnesota, passed away November 26 at the age of 79. Dr. Koscheyev was a senior fellow in the School and director of the Laboratory for Health and Human Performance in Extreme Environments.

Until his retirement in 2010, Dr. Koscheyev was a physiologist specializing in thermo-regulation. Much of his research centered on innovative approaches for the development and evaluation of protective clothing for space and other extreme environments. A great deal of his work focused on the physiology of human heat exchange and thermoregulation as related to individual protection and comfort management, and resulted in the development and refinement of space suits for extended extravehicular activity, concepts for the improvement of the space glove design through the application of physiological principles of heat transfer, and improvement of protective equipment for various industries.

Originally from Russia, Dr. Koscheyev held important posts in the Soviet space program and was one of the first medical officers on site to manage the Chernobyl nuclear accident. He continued his work in disaster medicine when he joined the U of M in 1992. His research program at the U of M was funded by NASA, and focused on the development of more effective protective garments for astronauts, firefighters, and other personnel dealing with hazardous materials. He was the author/editor of ten books, and numerous papers and patents.