Kane keynotes at TRIA orthopaedics & sports med conference

Mary Jo Kane, Ph.D., director emerita of the Tucker Center and professor in the School of Kinesiology, gave a keynote address on February 1, 2019, at the 22nd Annual TRIA Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Conference in Bloomington, MN. Her keynote, “Does Sex Really Sell Women’s Sports: The View from Elite Female Athletes,” discussed Kane and colleagues’ research on media representations of female athletes from the athlete’s perspective, in particular, the data indicating that the vast majority of female athlete’s preference to be depicted on-court, in-uniform, and in action.

Further reading: Fink, J., Kane, M. J., & LaVoi, N. M. (2016). The freedom to choose: Elite female athletes’ preferred representations within endorsement opportunities. Journal of Human Kinestics, 28, 207-219. doi:10.1123/jsm.2013-0101