LaVoi and colleagues publish in Gender, Work & Organization

Nicole M. LaVoi
Nicole M. LaVoi, PhD

Nicole M. LaVoi, PhD, Tucker Center director and senior lecturer in the School of Kinesiology, co-authored a Gender, Work & Organization article, “Elite women coaches negotiating and resisting power in football” with colleagues Annelies Knoppers (University of Utrecht), Donna de Haan (The Hague University of Applied Sciences), and Leanne Norman (Leeds-Beckett University). The article explores “how 10 elite women coaches of national football [soccer] teams negotiated and resisted the entanglement of techniques of biopower, sovereign and disciplinary power within the sport. … The findings suggest that this use of a Foucauldian analysis into the entanglement of forms of power within such male-dominated organizations and into the technologies of the self, utilized by women coaches, provides new insights into understanding the relative lack of change in gender ratio in (sport) leadership.”