Raymond-Pope publishes in The Journal of Physiology

Christiana Raymond-Pope, PhD, in blue shirt with grey sweater smiling in front of brick wall
Christiana Raymond-Pope, PhD

Christiana Raymond-Pope, PhD, researcher in the Skeletal Muscle Plasticity and Regeneration Laboratory (SMPRL), led by Sarah Greising, PhD, associate professor in the School of Kinesiology, published an article “Restricted Physical Activity After Volumetric Muscle Loss Alters Whole-Body and Local Muscle Metabolism.” in The Journal of Physiology. Co-authors of the article include lab members and colleagues Alec Basten, MS, Angela Bruzina, MS, Jennifer McFaline-Figueroa, PhD, Tommy Lillquist, MS, Jarrod Call, PhD, and Greising. 

As noted in the article Key Point Summary, this work focused on furthering the understanding of how the natural ability of skeletal muscle to regenerate and recover function is lost following complex traumatic musculoskeletal injury, and how physical inactivity following injury may incur additional deleterious consequences for muscle and metabolic health.