Tucker Center’s role pivotal in BodyConfidentSport program

Tucker Center text with line drawing running woman to the right

According to an AdWeek.com article, “One Team, One Dream: What Marketers Can Learn From Dove and Nike Partnership,” the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport played a pivotal role in the collaborative efforts of Dove and Nike to launch the groundbreaking Body Confident Sport program. Headed by Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi, director, the Tucker Center, known for its dedication to advancing gender equity in sport, partnered with the brands for over two years in co-developing the initiative. Utilizing research insights, including input from girls and coaches globally, the study commissioned by both brands revealed alarming statistics, such as 48% of girls dropping out in the US being told that they don’t have the right body for sports. The Tucker Center’s involvement highlights its commitment to addressing such challenges and contributing to the development of solutions that promote inclusivity and body confidence for girls in sports.