Wiese-Bjornstal presents at international sport & exercise conference

Diane Wiese-Bjornstal, PhD, professor in the School of Kinesiology and director of the Sports Medicine Psychology Lab (SMPL), presented two papers at the 15th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology held in Münster, Germany from July 15 – 20, 2019. With over 1,000 participants, the FEPSAC Congress was one of the largest international sport psychology congresses organized to date.

Members of SMPL that contributed to the two publications, “The model of sport injury socioculture: A socio-ecological view of the psychological, social, and cultural aspects of sport injury,” and “Religiosity and the use of religious ways of coping among Christian athletes during sport injury recoveries,” include the School’s PhD student, Kristin Wood, MS student Francesca Principe, and former BS honors student Emma Schwartz.